vrijdag 2 juni 2017

Benny gives pitch at Airport City Haarlemmermeer

Benny gives pitch at Share in Airport City Haarlemmermeer
All media need to be sustainable special those that produce programs about sustainability. How can you make programs about sustainability while you studio is hooked up to a unsustainable power plant.

Share was this year located at Sugar City 

Share was this year located at Sugar City 

                                                         getting ready to give Pitch

                                   Pitching and interviewed by Rens de Jong RTL-Z and BNR

After Benny's pitch Andr√© van den Berg CCO Schiphol agrees that the media needs
 produce in a sustainable way and wonders why no one ever told him about PureMedi

donderdag 1 juni 2017

Students Geography from the University Victoria (Canada) visit the "set" of Pure Media

Benny Vink twenty students and two instructors 

In May 2017, twenty students and Dr. Cameron Owens
Associate Teaching Professor from the University of Victoria (Canada) set off on a travel study adventure. After a week in Victoria, they will travel from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Northwest on a month-long itinerary from Paris to Copenhagen. En route, they will meet with city planners, designers, activists, community leaders, academics, and others grappling with the daunting social and ecological crises facing cities and ths week they visited   the "set" of Pure Media where in the last four years the documentary CityRoofTops was filmed.
Benny Vink was able to explain that all film and media need to shift to a more sustainable way of working and he showed how sustainable filming can be done with succes.
He also talked about the documentary CityRoofTops,GrowingHome and AChef'sHeart

Students relaxing on top of the Roof on Building B