dinsdag 29 april 2014

Interview with Ron Flens from RTV N-H

Today we had an interview with Ron Flens from RTV N-H
about the Nominated Film Tomorrows Food (Het Nieuwe Eten). This will be televised in the week before the Film Food Festival

Tomorrow's Food has been nominated

We happy to announce that our film Tomorrow's Food has been nominated @ The Food Film Festival


Het nieuwe eten <b>Wereldpremière</b> + <b>Q&A</b>

Tomorrow's Food World Premiere + Q&A

Benny Vink | The Netherlands | 2013 | 51 min | Dutch spoken | English subtitles
Voorstelling 1: Friday 9 May 14:15 | KH 2 + 3 + Q&A
Voorstelling 2: Saturday 10 May 13:15 | KH 1 + Q&A

The best way of knowing where your food comes from is to grow it yourself. Chef Jonathan Karpathios grows his own vegetables, tends his own greenhouse and keeps his own pigs. Anything he can’t produce himself, he sources locally. It’s his way of saving the world.
In Tomorrow’s Food, filmmaker Benny Vink beautifully captures Jonathan’s vision. There is a great deal wrong with the current food system. Meat consumption has disastrous consequences for the environment, and we eat too much food, too much fat and too much from the other side of the world. You can sit back and do nothing, or you can try to lead by example. The chef opted for the latter. In his restaurant Vork & Mes, he knows the origin of everything in his kitchen. 

Jonathan’s menu is determined by what nature has to offer, not what diners demand. His ambition is not to earn a Michelin star but to change the way people think about food. With contagious enthusiasm, he introduces his suppliers. In the greenhouse near the restaurant, he lovingly grows beetroots, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes. "Products become more meaningful when you experience how much time and energy it takes to grow them,” he says. Compelling viewing that makes you want to pull on a pair of wellies and get your hands dirty. 

Both on Friday and Saturday the film will be followed by a Q&A with director Benny Vink and chef Jonathan Karpathios. Jonathan will also give a workshop and a demonstration about real cooking and real food.

Tomorrow’s Food will have its world premiere at the Food Film Festival and has been selected for the FFF Feature-Length Food Film Competition 2014.

The Film tomorrow's Food (Het Nieuw Eten) has been nominated


The Film tomorrow's Food (Het Nieuw Eten) has been nominated and will been shown to an international audience It has been translated and subtitled to English With the english Title Tomorrows Food. Next week we are aloud to give more details