maandag 23 februari 2015

Pure Media Crew trained last years by Oscar winning crew.

At Pure Media training and innovation are very important that’s is why we are happy that we have every year an opportunity to learn from the best in the film field like:

Robert D. Yeoman, Cinematographer:
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Roger Deakins cinematographer 

Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey editors
Star Trek moviesand now working on 
Star Wars: Episode VII

Every year we go to the IBC Big Screen Experience 
in Amsterdam where the training takes place.

The Grand Budapest Hotel crew 
@  IBC Big Screen Experince

Robert D. Yeoman, Cinematographer:
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Roger Deakins cinematographer for 
Skyfall@ the IBC Big Screen experince

Roger Deakins cinematographer for Skyfall 

Top Editors: Maryann Brandon, and Mary Jo Markey,
 gave  a worshop at the Hilton in Amsterdam.

zaterdag 21 februari 2015

Vegetable workshop with Chris Naylor

For our new Documentaire A Chef's Heart with Chris Naylor we followed Christ  with the camera  teaching a workshop “cooking with locale vegetables” for the students of restaurant Fifteen. Most students were impressed  with Chris'  innovative way of working ,cooking and of course how the food tasted.

Chris starts with handing out the recipies.

Cooking with unusual vegetables.